Are you looking for somewhere to store your most valuable digital assets, encrypted and with secure identification?

We offer the modern safety deposit box, where you can be sure that no one else than you yourself can view your content. Protected with your bankID as the only access key.

Everyone has valuable digital assets. It can be anything from medical journals, legal contracts, or even seed phrases for cryptocurrency wallets. There are a lot of ways to hide or store digital information; USB sticks, CD/DVDs, or an unreliable external hard drive that doesn't work when you need it to. Sometimes it can be comforting to rely on someone else. With us, your assets are stored at IBM Cloud with IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Services where neither we nor IBM has any possibilities to access your data.

You have full control over what you want to store, where access and identification are through Sweden's most trusted digital identity provider - bankID.

 The legacy safety deposit box is dead, meet the digital one. 

Supports bankID from Sweden's top banks

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With IBM Hyper Protect, your digital assets are encrypted and secured according to the FIPS 140-2 Level 4 standard. This is US Government approved security, for tamper-proof digital storage. It's protected against all imaginable physical tampering, as well as voltage and temperature fluctuations. Some call it the Doomsday standard. For us, it's what we base all our products on.

The service comes at a starting price of 99kr/month for private individuals. Considering what you spend on your favorite streaming service, ensuring the safety of your digital assets should be considered priceless.

Is this really all you have to offer?
Our goal is to cover digital asset management with the highest security available on the market. This will include a spectrum of products ranging from your legal contracts to seed phrases or even medical records.

Our products will all include role administration and inheritance services. This means you could give access to your medical journals to a specific doctor, or share a legal contract with your spouse. All from the same ponolyvault.

Looking to provide our services to your customers?

Enterprise offering

Provide your clients with the world's most secure vault solution. Be able to serve your clients with a secure vault that can hold high-value digital assets with the highest grade encryption. All from a cloud-based service that integrates to your frontend or backend seamlessly with encrypted APIs.

API response sample


  "url": "/v1/vaults",
  "data": [
      "id": "vault_G387GEJe7hh2",
      "duality": "user_dfbHJF73bn38Y",
      "created": 413488800,
      "description": "My first vault",
      "discount": null,
      "email": "myemail@emails.com"